Broken Infinity

We were two streaks of lightning

Dancing through the iridescent sky

Raining down our love as we bolted

If only we struck the same place twice


Together we foraged in the darkness

Searching for angels inside demons

We lay there, our hearts bleeding out

Holding on to what was never there


Standing in the ashes of a million stars

The voices in my head grew louder

As I realized what once was, no longer is

And what is, was always meant to be


Maybe one day we’ll be two people

Meeting again for the first time

Free from all the unkempt promises

And maybe this time, you’ll be mine


Nightmare Symphony

The dust around him settled
Silence was all that was left
Could it be, the demons had gone?
Or could it be, the demons had grown?

The voices inside whispered
The darkness was now his only friend
Death was now a welcome sight
Endless pain was all he knew

Chaos and tragedy wrote the script
Hope danced in the flames
Reality was nothing but a play
As he stood in the theatre of dreams

A glimpse of light far off in the corner
An angel in the midst of monsters
Joy filled him as he woke
Or had he fallen asleep?

Imperfect Love

Love is magic, it doesn’t hurt

It’s not what tears you apart

Giving your best to someone 

Watching them throw it away does


Tired of sleeping, all the nightmares

But I’m so afraid of waking up

Please don’t let me go

I think I’m falling into the darkness


You turn to poison, to pain

Trying to kill the demons inside

Only making them stronger

This time they might just win


Holding strong despite everything

Life’s never going to be perfect

All we can do is hope to find love

Because love’s the best thing we do

Rain Down On Me

All the pain, all the sorrow

All the darkness inside me you couldn’t see

All the promises made for tomorrow

Take it all and let it rain down on me

Every sleepless night, every crossed line

All the times you watched me bleed

Everything I lost over all this time

Take it all and let it rain down on me

Every dream and every nightmare I had

Every time I thought I was free

All the insanity, all the good and the bad

Take it all and let it rain down on me

Every part of me that’s broken

All the hope washed out by the sea

All the times my heart was stolen

Take it all and let it rain down on me

All these little pieces, all these broken parts

Trying to put them back together differently

Waiting for everything to come back

Take it all and let it rain down on me

Hey everyone.

At times when my mind overflows with thoughts, I found it relieving to put pen to paper and let the words flow. What I hope to achieve by this, I don’t know. It just feels magical. After all, if you don’t believe in magic you’re never going to find it. Might as well take the plunge into the deep abyss of my own feelings and search. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll wake up a wizard.